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July 11 2014


Join In The Fun With A Jukebox At Your Next Party

Planning a party can be fraught with worry and detail. There are so many things to remember on the day of the event, that many of these details can be lost when it counts the most. This is one of the best reasons to call on the talents of the Passiontails company. Their team has the ability to provide unique equipment that can be brought to the place of your event on time and be set up before your guests arrive. When the party is over, their team breaks down and takes their rented equipment back to their headquarters with an equal amount of professional efficiency.

Ordering a slushie machine hire is a great way to keep your guests both entertained and well fed. Their slushie machine hire comes with a wide variety of natural fruit juices. These delicious flavors combine to give your guests a taste of the tropics while concocting mixtures of their own accord. These slushie cocktails can be made to order and quickly become the hit of any party. When given a choice between a soft drink and a made to order slushie, most people will quickly tell you that there is no comparison.
party hire
If you decide on a jukebox hire, your guests will be able to listen to thousands of popular recorded pieces of music. They will be able to choose from several genres of music and dance to those tunes as well. Accompanying these pieces of music is a large video screen that displays corresponding videos. Their juke box rentals are always with new and advanced pieces of equipment. This lends an air or technical superiority to any party that leaves guests both amazed and amused.

With their rentals, there is never a need to worry about their malfunction. Their team makes a point of setting up their equipment and maintaining it at your event. Should you have any questions about its function, they are always glad to work with you and your party guests to make sure you are pleased with your choice. If you would like a variation on one of their themes, let them know so they can accommodate your request and make your event one to remember.

For more information, take a look at their web pages located online at passiontails.com. This company also provides such entertainment pieces as chocolate fountains and frozen cocktail machines machines that weave fairy floss or “cotton candy” as it is known in the States. If you prefer, your guests can be treated to old fashioned pop corn as popped by a professional popping machine. 

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